Episode 15: "Access Your Inner Creative Power" with guest Dr. Edward Viljoen

This episode originally aired October 14, 2013

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In the world of business most endure fast pace, yesterday deadlines, third party explanations, and coveted perceptions of the few as the basis upon which to build our professional platforms for advancement, even if they are a mismatch to our own set of values.

Being informed that there is a power within us that can be utilized for a brighter future is of little consolation to a mind that is frequently on overload and a body that longs to burn off or sleep off the accumulative distractions we give our attention to.

Are we so addicted to action, urgency and quick fixes that we have no longing towards spending a moment to welcome in our natural born state of peace, of joy, of creativity, of passion?

How do we begin entertaining a new mental attitude towards the sacredness of our own being and of life as it shows up? How do we move from this new attitude to a new expression to a new experience that lasts?

Spiritual practices, when practiced, help us find the strength we need to be present with whatever life brings.

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This Week's Guest

Dr. Edward Viljoen Bio - Humanity KnowsDr. Edward Viljoen graduated as a Sonoma County Law Enforcement Chaplain in April 1999, received a Doctorate of Divinity from Centers for Spiritual Living and was awarded the much-respected Ernest Holmes Award for exemplary demonstration of the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes.

He is an advanced thinker and a passionate man. One such passion is to be in service to his fellow colleagues and he has done so as a co-facilitator and underwriting partner of the annual Ongoing Ministers Education Conference for the past 10 years. Other passions include music, cats, essential oils, science fiction and leading people on tours to places in the world, to experience new cultures and new ways of understanding sacredness.

Excerpt from "Access Your Inner Creative Power"

On Minding Our Business: creating a spiritual economy I interviewed: Dr. Edward Viljoen, author of "The Power of Meditation."

I so loved this conversation. It was genuine, fun and directive to all kinds of meditators: the advanced, the beginners the wannabees as well as the self-professed, hopeless. Dr. Edward shared how to bridge the inner work we do into our work life, in an easy, comfortable and most personal way. And what to do with the monkey mind? Tune in and find out!

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In support of the action taken through this program towards creating a new corporate humanity.

The concept of enlightenment, I feel is often held as a final resting place….sounds funny I know. When I asked Dr. Edward his interpretation, he responded by saying: “It is like being in a dark room and turning on the light.” As he expanded in this direction what I took away was - It is developing a mindful practice so that I can deepen the sense of security through the connection within myself so that the lights remain on… and over time ‘things that go bump in the night’ will no longer steal away my attention.
Excerpted from "Access Your Inner Creative Power" on “Minding our business: creating a spiritual economy” with host Nadene Rogers.
When my arms and hands get tired from pulling weeds in my garden, I usually continue until I have accomplished the task that I set out to do. Dr. Edward used the metaphor of being a witness to our thoughts as weeding our inner landscape. And furthered to share the value of stopping, not just when we get tired, but before we get tired. Interesting concept this building the muscle of our inner consciousness.
Excerpted from "Access Your Inner Creative Power" on “Minding our business: creating a spiritual economy” with host Nadene Rogers.

What is a Spiritual Economy?

An economy that is grown from and sustained by consciously created best business practices, resulting in the highest good for all. Best business practices that implement universal principles maintaining a belief in the highest truth of all people, all Life and to develop visions and missions for organizations and industries that advocate equitable opportunities for expression, advancement and prosperous return. An economy that changes the ‘faces’ in business to tell a new story, born of personal, universal order and sufficiency; a new perspective from which grows a spirit of generosity, compassion and inclusion.

The foundation of a spiritual economy is created from these universal truths:

· We live in an intelligent spiritual universe.
· The universe is a unified whole.
· There is nothing that needs to be fixed or healed, only something to be revealed – by means of us.
· Born within each individual, irrespective of their cosmology is the same creative intelligence, ability and desire to create lives of their choosing.
· The Universe is Abundant, there is infinite supply and therefore enough for all.
· We have direct access to our infinite good.