Episode 37: The Entrepreneurial Spirit - Balancing Process with Progressive Edge

This episode originally aired March 24th, 2014

This Week's Episode: Balancing Process with Progressive Edge

When the idea of entrepreneurism was a hot alternative back in the 80’s, corporations had a romance with the idea but a challenge with the reality. The clash of cultures left an uncrossed chasm between top-down order and quirky genius, the vastness of vision and the road most travelled. Whether the thirst for self-employment is nipping at your heels, you’re an insatiable veteran of your own authority, or whether you work within a corporate system in which shifting your presence and power is timely, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in us all. This Series addresses the inspiring journey of one self-made women from humble beginnings, who never looked back or took no for an answer.

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This Weeks Guest

Mitzie Wasyliw, co-founder and Legacy Fundraising Chair for the Bow Valley Ranche Restoration Society. Founder and president of "Dew Productions Events & Entertainment" for 35 years, she was recognized by her peers as a leader in her industry and as a driving force behind the arts, event and entertainment scene in Alberta and western Canada. Recipient of the Women of Vision award in Calgary Alberta, along with the Wild Rose Foundation Volunteerism award, the Rothman Canadian Women of the Year award and the Calgary Women of Distinction

Mitzie's Website : www.bowvalleyranche.com

Excerpt From Episode

I asked Mitzie if she could give some direction to budding entrepreneurs through sharing the process she went through to develop a client service that was unique niche in the marketplace. Mitzie began by saying that at the time she had to build a prototype as there were no other similar businesses, no research or stats to pull from. Her forte became the foundations of her process for 35 years – personalized interaction and intimate service based on her client’s needs. In the same way that successful entrepreneurs provide innovative solutions to market opportunities, there is a process in developing a special competency that differentiates you from everyone else.

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With Guest Mitzie Wasyliw

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