Episode 25: Best Business Practices 2014

This episode originally aired December 30th, 2013

This Week's Episode: Best Business Practices 2014

The dawn of new business practices in an age of impermanence where on top can be down under in the blink of an eye and ‘the DOW’ continues as an index of inequitable fortune that continues to spin the world off its natural axis, is about to become replete. “The world is breathing differently now, with heads of state, government, religious and socio-economic systems focused on collaborative efforts towards an equitable and sacred economy.” Let’s move past historic premise which perpetuates limited foresight, to purposefully design in our own minds a world that works for everyone. Be in charge in change by adopting best business practices through opening the heart of altruism and philanthropic intention. If anything is possible everything is possible. The same Universal Law, makes it so. Use it. Prove the power for change exists right where you are and be part of the solution towards a world that works for everyone in 2014!

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Excerpt from Best Business Practices 2014

Many in business today can relate to a common definition of best business practices, such as:” A set of guidelines, ethics or ideas that represent the most efficient or prudent course of action.” However common best practices when arising from a solid spiritually principled foundation within the consciousness of both those in charge of making the decisions and those deemed responsible for carrying these decisions to fruition, will enjoy a higher rate of success. Otherwise these practices will be met with both support and resistance; serving to improve circumstances in the short term yet not managing to produce the initial projections and desired aspirations held inviolate in the mind of the decision makers.

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