Episode 20: Drumming Up Business With Guest Judy Atkinson

This episode originally aired November 25, 2013

This Week's Episode: Drumming Up Business!

In a competitive corporate climate, how can our most primal and natural expression serve to unite? What means can be created through which inclusion, collaboration and authenticity become the norm? How can we elevate our own mental fitness and in doing so contribute to the inspiration of others?

The circle is a powerful symbol for the eternal flow of life, and the sacredness of all that resides within. The drum is an ancient healing agent, used to facilitate unity both within the soul of man and the soul of humanity.

A radical approach perhaps, yet a tried and true method of diffusing and resolving conflicts caused by self-aggrandizing perspectives and the debilitating absence of joy. Watch competitive posturing and its advocacy for the importance of status relinquish its hold on exclusion and forge open and honoring relationships.

By drumming up the consciousness of those that do the work, the energy of your business will be remarkably enhanced!.

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This Week's Guest

Judy Atkinson Humanity KnowsJudy Atkinson, Founder and President of Circles of Rhythm, has been in business for over 17 years offering Drum Circle Workshops for Corporate and Community programs,  team & community building, celebration and inspiration  to thousands of satisfied participants.

Affectionately known as a Messenger of JOY, Judy has been awarded the CTV“Inspiring Calgarian Award”  and was named the “Woman of  Vision” by Global TV and the Calgary Herald, a prestigious award given to business women who have succeeded in creating their vision in business.

“When people gather together to drum in a facilitated professional drum circle workshop, we strip away the job titles, and reconnect as human beings.  We release stress and anxiety, boost each other’s spirits,  and walk away renewed, refreshed and connected.  They say the only guaranteed side effect of a drum circle is authentic  JOY!   A rare commodity in the modern workplace.”  - Judy

Visit Judy's Website: www.circlesofrhythm.com

Excerpt from "Drumming Up Business"

There are many innovative ways to ‘wake up’ the individuals that comprise our corporate culture, but few, very few that can create and sustain change, as according to Judy’s experience, change is short lived and becomes business as usual. Her commitment therefore is to ‘drum up’ not just an experience, but offer up a truly transformational practice. A practice that touches into key spiritual principles that call the individual into connection with the sustainable power of their true natural nature.

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In support of the action taken through this program towards creating a new corporate humanity.

Spiritual wholeness cannot be realized solely within an intellectual pursuit. We are called to return to the mother, the heartbeat, a time in essence and consciousness where our life was pure potentiality. The drum workshops Judy facilitates in the corporate world, moves individuals from me to we, from fear to love, from their individuality into their common-unity…back into the natural recognition of their primordial comfort…..in less than 15minutes! Amazing!!
Trying to find out what such an alive and vibrant facilitator of joyful connection to one’s own humanity does to sustain her own center, was easy! Daily spiritual practice to anchor my visions of grandeur and keep them just a step in front of me so that I may keep walking towards them. Judy reminded me that true transformation requires consistency of attention on our intention and lots and lots of play!!!!!

What is a Spiritual Economy?

An economy that is grown from and sustained by consciously created best business practices, resulting in the highest good for all. Best business practices that implement universal principles maintaining a belief in the highest truth of all people, all Life and to develop visions and missions for organizations and industries that advocate equitable opportunities for expression, advancement and prosperous return. An economy that changes the ‘faces’ in business to tell a new story, born of personal, universal order and sufficiency; a new perspective from which grows a spirit of generosity, compassion and inclusion.

The foundation of a spiritual economy is created from these universal truths:

· We live in an intelligent spiritual universe.
· The universe is a unified whole.
· There is nothing that needs to be fixed or healed, only something to be revealed – by means of us.
· Born within each individual, irrespective of their cosmology is the same creative intelligence, ability and desire to create lives of their choosing.
· The Universe is Abundant, there is infinite supply and therefore enough for all.
· We have direct access to our infinite good.