Episode 33: Engineering The Full Emergence Of Your Authentic Life

This episode originally aired February 24th, 2014

This Week's Episode: Engineering The Full Emergence Of Your Authentic Life

The breakdown of our major systems -- economic, educational, political, environmental -- is also a sign of something larger trying to unfold, personally and globally. The crises we face today are not simply the result of mistakes we've made; they're evolutionary catalysts, calling us to make deep changes to our vision and values, so that our next stage of potential can unfold. Unfortunately, what often accounts for change is merely a cosmetic make-over -- a stopgap solution that's more about maintaining a false sense of safety and security. in other words, we try to change the world but stay the same. and it never works for long. There's always something trying to be born. We often resist this "urge to emerge" because we're afraid of change. Our lives, our businesses at times, might seem to be moving in ways we can’t understand or control, seeming to fall apart. Yet by the very nature of the universal creative process, contain the seed of their own evolution.

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Derek Rydall

The #1 expert on the Law of Emergence, Derek Rydall is part of a new generation of spiritual visionaries and revolutionary thought leaders. He has trained top executives at Fortune 500 companies in communications and empowered leadership (from American Express to Disney), coached Oscar and Emmy winning celebrities and media professionals on creating conscious entertainment, is a professional screenwriter, best-selling author and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

Through two decades of speaking, teaching, coaching and writing, Derek has built a global platform that touches hundreds of thousands of people around the planet with his message on finding your path, living your purpose and making a powerful impact in the world!

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The bridge appears once the leap is taken, Derek assures his clients, and often that leap involves not only surrender, but the courage to use the world to get closer to the divine self. To be in the world in a way that allows us to transcend and include our life circumstance and presenting conditions at the same time. Asking some better questions like: What larger life is trying to emerge and what do I have to become to allow it… might be a place for us to begin!

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