Episode 34: Higher Level Decision Makers

This episode originally aired March 3rd, 2014

This Week's Episode: Higher Level Decision Makers

The plenitude that exists on both the plane of the absolute and the plane of the relative is staggering, yet we often see through eyes of limited perception. Each of us senses that something greater pulling us, pushing us, challenging us and stirring us from within to lead from a place of confidence, trust, openness and heart centered wisdom. How can we both listen to the deeper knowing within ourselves and serve our career commitments in a way that speaks to the world view of success and security. Being a high level decision maker is the result of using spiritual principles to evoke a process that maximizes potential solutions and affects the greater good of all.

Do you often feel you have played all your cards? Might you be losing ground with your inner work circle, feel incapable of making the best or right decision, or perhaps just don’t know how to turn things around, especially when timing is of the essence? There is a spiritual solution for every problem, that when used will pave the way for greater honor and respect, inspiration innovation and engagement within both you the decision maker and your company members.

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A high level decision maker needs to be one -straight across the board, not just in the board room or in strategizing a good career move. Therefore before we can address what type of challenge or issue may be at hand - it is necessary to first take an honest look at where we feel our personal good is sourced. This core question will reveal the root of our belief system with regards to our personal/professional security and life’s possibilities.

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