Episode 50: Inner Technology Fuels Outer Results

This Week's Episode: Inner Technology Fuels Outer Results

Wellness in the workplace means not having to separate our life or quality of livingness, from our work. Spirituality is trending as an inner technology vital to marrying deep satisfaction with maximum results. Increasing numbers of folks prioritizing and nurturing connection with their true spiritual nature outside the work walls, are desirous of having a new conversation inside. A 2013 spiritual development at work survey, designed and executed by Steve Sphar, revealed hesitancy around this new conversation at the forefront in most cases, siting concern of offending others. Spiritual awareness is a growing part of a person’s wholeness and can’t be left at the door. When it is, only part of the person enters. How can we find a new inclusive language, that directs us into greater awareness and honor of each other’s diversity, deepens and enriches our relations, and peaks collaborative potential?

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This Weeks Guest

Steve Sphar is a seasoned leadership consultant with over 25 years’ experience partnering with executives and managers to create sustained positive change. He was a practicing attorney for 12 years before turning his law and business experience to the field of leadership consulting. He helps leaders develop their potential though one-on-one coaching, leadership training and facilitation of executive retreats. Steve is a Board Certified Coach thru the Center for Credentialing and Education. He is certified in the William Bridges Model of Change, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, and the SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence assessment. He combines traditional consulting methods with reflective tools for exploring inner awareness to leverage the full range of people’s gifts, talents and capacities.

Steve's website:   stevesphar.com

Excerpt From Episode

What a fascinating man and interview! Steve Sphar, former litigation lawyer turned business consultant chose to leave the argumentative, competitive win – lose career experience that gave rise to exhilaration and excitement in his 20’s in order to coach executives, through motivation, connection and vision to procure win – win business results. When I asked what motivated his choice to change his career he replied “As you learn more about yourself and calling you notice where you are not in alignment with your best self.” Win – win doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is rosy, there is much you bump up against in the process that will however encourage the right amount of collaboration possible. In 2013 Steve designed and executed a Spiritual Development at Work Survey that was self-selected and recorded…showing an 80% positive response to the question “was spiritual development important” and a 60% positive response to the question “do you use spiritual development at work.” The pivotal need was for a new and inclusive language inside the workplace walls in order to dissolve the concerns of offending others while supporting the ‘wholeness of an individual’ into conversation.

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