Episode 16: "Mixing Business With Pleasure… Financially Speaking!" with guest Dr. Cynthia Cavalcanti

This episode originally aired October 21, 2013

This Week's Episode

The low down is - anyone, yes anyone can countdown to financial increase through creating wealth consciousness.

Our countdown begins with peeling away myths, beliefs, past experiences, and hypnotic statistical suggestion to reveal the universal creative intelligence within each individual. The nature of this Intelligence is to creatively expand through a variety of expressions.

Our countdown continues in increasing delight and gratitude for the flow of abundance we meet face to face, during the business of expanding our potential we are here to both inspire and experience.

The ebb and flow of our unique creative process consists of both loss and acquisition and, as we ‘get’ that money is a result of awakening to our inner wealth, our building blocks include self-empowerment and rich reward.

If indeed it is done unto us as we believe, then what do you believe about your present and future, financially speaking?

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This Week's Guest

Dr. Cynthia CavalcantiDr. Cynthia Cavalcanti has been involved in the human potential movement for over 25 years as a student, teacher, minister, author, and workshop facilitator.

While still her twenties, Cynthia enjoyed a successful career in the financial arena. Having made the connection between wealth and consciousness, she set out to discover more about the spiritual side of success.

A recipient of a National Science Foundation research grant, she holds advanced degrees in Anthropology and Religion and is the acting Executive Director of the Center for Spiritual Living in Fremont, California.

Her new book, 30 Days to Your First Million, is scheduled for publication later this year.

Visit Dr. Cynthia's website:  cindymillion.com

Excerpt from "Mixing Business With Pleasure… Financially Speaking!"

Dr. Cynthia is a fascinating and complex individual as bared in the pairing of her childhood desire to love and serve humanity with her laser sharp expertise in building wealth consciousness. Her (free) beta program cindymillion.com is being eaten up by everyone who has sampled her straightforward, explicit and simple approach to making room for more. Not just another ‘how to get rich quick’ promise, this delivery system gets to the core of resistance quickly and ignites a feeling sense of true abundant living in what feels like the blink of an eye.

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In support of the action taken through this program towards creating a new corporate humanity.

Building a wealth consciousness is not about getting money or even creating money, it is about understanding that the nature of the universe is ever giving of Itself in, through and as It’s creation…US! Spiritually speaking it is about applying the principle that proves to us that what we focus on multiplies. It is about consistency, focus, discipline and the readiness to face head new ways to love and give to ourselves...it demands we get clear and claim our good. Dr. Cynthia’s process has us leaning into our ever expanding vision as a sacred living document, knowing that what we can feel in the here and now, becomes oh so real.
Excerpted from "Mixing Business With Pleasure… Financially Speaking!" on “Minding our business: creating a spiritual economy” with host Nadene Rogers.
Personally I am on day 11 in the Beta Test (it’s free cindymillion.com) and having what I like to call RAW-HA moments, left and right! Each day Dr. Cynthia provides a catalyst to elevate your energetic frequency and step up walking the talk. Example: If your vision is to become a philanthropist that supports the financial growth of others and you are starting from a 0 balance in your not as yet made designated vision fund, she will invite you to ask yourself: What can I do right now to bring my vision into a feeling reality? Perhaps you can open a separate bank account and deposit double what you think you can afford. She notes that stretching ourselves taps into a much deeper place of universal abundance increasing It’s flow through us!
Excerpted from "Mixing Business With Pleasure… Financially Speaking!" on “Minding our business: creating a spiritual economy” with host Nadene Rogers.

What is a Spiritual Economy?

An economy that is grown from and sustained by consciously created best business practices, resulting in the highest good for all. Best business practices that implement universal principles maintaining a belief in the highest truth of all people, all Life and to develop visions and missions for organizations and industries that advocate equitable opportunities for expression, advancement and prosperous return. An economy that changes the ‘faces’ in business to tell a new story, born of personal, universal order and sufficiency; a new perspective from which grows a spirit of generosity, compassion and inclusion.

The foundation of a spiritual economy is created from these universal truths:

· We live in an intelligent spiritual universe.
· The universe is a unified whole.
· There is nothing that needs to be fixed or healed, only something to be revealed – by means of us.
· Born within each individual, irrespective of their cosmology is the same creative intelligence, ability and desire to create lives of their choosing.
· The Universe is Abundant, there is infinite supply and therefore enough for all.
· We have direct access to our infinite good.