Episode 12: "Our Soul's Currency" with guest Ernie Chu

This episode originally aired September 23, 2013

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HUMAN SOLAR POWER. A statement that engages contemplation. A statement that when explored reveals its root in the support of a universal spiritual system of infinite abundant flow. What is Soul Currency? What is Solar Currency? How are these concepts interchangeable and why is it so important to what happens to the world? If you are curious as to how to learn and implement ‘spiritual flow’ and create a prosperous life through a new experience of letting it happen versus making it happen, then don’t miss this Show!.

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This Week's Guest

Ernest ChuRev. Ernest Chu, has been an ordained Centers for Spiritual Living minister for 14 years, author of the best seller, Soul Currency, which has been translated into more than 7 major languages, and a spiritual entrepreneur who has founded and developed 9 successful companies in the technology, medical and energy fields. He began his career as a staff writer for the Wall St. Journal covering financing business and the bond markets. He has been successful investment banker, member of the NYSE and capital markets advisor for more than 4 decades. He also is the Chairman and a co-founder of Green States Energy, now has become one of the most rapidly growing independent solar power producers.
Chu evolved into a spiritual teacher, after he discovered the spiritual principles of flow when a business reverse put him more than $1 million in debt. Using the spiritual abundance principles taught in this workshop, he paid off the entire million dollar debt in less than 18 months without ever declaring bankruptcy. The experience led to the formation of The Soul Currency Institute, and a unique and highly effective way to teach spiritual abundance, self-worth and spiritual flow.

Excerpt from "Our Soul's Currency"

In my recent radio show interview with Ernie Chu, author of ‘Soul Currency’ if he had any parting words of wisdom for our listeners that might guide them to invest their soul currency to become a natural resource of light and energy on this planet, he responded by saying: “There is really nothing to be healed, there is nothing wrong with us, only something to love and be brought back into the whole of who we are.”

Beautifully put Ernie, thank you.

Excerpted from Our Soul's Currency on “Minding our business: creating a spiritual economy” with host Nadene Rogers.

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In my fascinating conversation with Ernie Chu, author of the best seller: Soul Currency, i learned much, for example: our soul currency fluctuates in accordance to our receptivity to the inherent creative intelligence within us and from this degree of receptivity, flows the corresponding degree of our inner and outer wealth. It is through our willingness to claim this creative power within, that we release ourselves from the illusion that there are in fact two worlds.
Ernie Chu, a man that left wall street for the ministry to understand the spiritual side of life, proceeded to create one million dollars debt then rise to share his journey of having both feet firmly planted in the material and spiritual worlds proving the existence of one world, had this to say when I asked him: what was the most difficult challenge(s) you had in living what you teach?

“In part the realization that in spite of myself not necessarily because of myself, wealth is made manifest. Getting out of the way, releasing the need to micro manage and surrendering to that something greater. I don’t do as much as i think i do; my/our job is to express.”