Episode 23: Professionalism And Ethics

This episode originally aired December 16th, 2013

This Week's Episode: Professionalism And Ethics

There can be an unmistakable pull to walk on the wild side of professional correctness. It is as familiar to the many who wield ultimate buck stopping power, as it is to the overlooked mid-management employee who has stayed to play long after hope for advancement has gone. What turns the switch in an individual to violate a standard of professional ethics and how do you report another when their conversation and actions belie company policy and common sense deployment of one’s positional responsibility? What constitutes ethical boundaries and what truly lies behind the decision to take a risk that can ultimately destroy the bonds of relationship and compromise the corporate culture and its standing.

Join us on Monday the 16th for the answers to these questions and more.

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This Week's Guest

Dr. Bob Luckin Humanity KnowsDr. Bob Luckin has worked in the health care field for private, county and state run programs for the last 50 years. As an ethics chairperson for an international organizations I have developed an ethics protocol and have trained many individuals to become skilled examiners, interventionist, and problem solvers. Formerly a clinical director for an addiction hospital based program where he trained ER hospital staff and crises teams to develop the necessary skills required to deal with mental health emergencies.

Currently Bob is an independent consultant and personal growth coach for a diverse international cliental.

Website: robertluckin.com

Excerpt from "Professionalism And Ethics"

Dr. Bob began our interview with this caveat…My responses to your questions might seem quite simple. This is because when we act unethically and are caught, we operate from simple primal emotion, which our intellect tries to cover-up. He continued to share that most individuals believe that the end justifies the means, where in fact he sees the reverse – the means justifying the end and adds that we have a long term relationship with every decision we make. How to take the high road in decision making? Ask yourself if down the line you can see that your decision might need defending. If so, well then…

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