Episode 53: Spiritual Intelligence: The Next Frontier in Leadership Development, Part 2

This Week's Episode: Spiritual Intelligence: The Next Frontier in Leadership Development, Part 2

What is spiritual intelligence (SQ21) - the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation.” SQ21 is a diversity-appropriate and skills-based way of discussing powerful human motivators and success factors. It moves us from being good at influencing to being inspirational. It moves us from empathy to compassion and profound humility. It moves us from operating from ego to operating from our highest, noblest self. With humility comes an openness of perception, whereby we can see new information. Using a combination of 4 intelligences (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) one can overcome barriers to their own career success and lead themselves and their organizations to greatness.

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This Weeks Guest

Cindy Wigglesworth, MA is the author of SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence, the creator of the SQ21™ Spiritual Intelligence self-assessment and an experienced personal and executive coach and corporate consultant. After working for 20 years in a Fortune 50 company in Human Resources she formed her own company in 2000 and created her multiple intelligence approach to leadership development and human development. An public speaker, Cindy has appeared on Oprah, Houston PBS, and numerous radio programs. Her Spiritual Intelligence blog archive can be found on the Huffington Post website under Healthy Living / GPS for the Soul. She has published articles in Integral Leadership Review and Kosmos Journal.

Cindy's Website:   deepchange.com

Excerpt From Episode:

"The transformative spiritual intelligence assessment survey mapped out in 4 Quadrants of development begins with addressing the Higher Self/Ego Self-Awareness. Skill 1 of 5 skill level in this Quadrant is Awareness of our own Worldview. Now as our conversation continued, we certainly had some laughs over the antics of our Ego, as well some new found respect for the vital role it plays in the maturing of our Higher Self. Cindy said that the Ego is not interested in inspiring us or being productive, it is mainly focused on keep us safe. Helping us to understand and navigate this world, our Ego’s perspectives even though limited, are valid. Our number one task is to deeply know ourselves, our Ego and the voice of the Ego; our Higher Self and the voice of the Higher Self so that we may move into harmony with our own wholeness and act accordingly."

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