Episode 39: The Fall Of Toxic Work Environments - Effects of “ISMS”

This Episode Originally Aired April 7th, 2014

This Week's Episode: Effects of “ISMS”

The ‘us and them’ culture has prevailed throughout time immemorial, creating the inequitable quality of life we still try and manage today. And make no mistake, what is done to one, is done to all – there is no private good, nor is there private suffrage. Our differences give justification for judgment; and the absence of clarity around our inherent wholeness and capacity, have ravaged our relationships and relentlessly restrained the infinite intelligence and creative power within each of us. What constitutes a healthy work environment and what is our individual responsibility in contributing to its rise? It is time to be the change we want to see in this world.

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This Weeks Guests

Dr. Jim Lockard, Lecturer and Author, formerly a law enforcement Officer in Maryland and Dade County Florida for 24 years.

Rev. Celeste Frazier, Minister and Diversity Trainer for Centers for Spiritual Living.

Excerpt From Episode

As we began our new Series we dove in with Dr. Jim sharing a question from his good friend Dr. Gary Simmons – Are you being who you came her to be? There are many disparaging and destructive “ISMS” about and when we lead the charge with one of a different tone like Altruism, we bring ourselves back into the circle of Oneness with our true nature and purpose. Rev. Celeste commented that altruism - living life creatively and in service towards the good of all, hasn’t a chance when we step out fearfully – whether that fear is housed in our consciously aware mind or has automatically gone before us to make the way. Each of us is seeking our good and we needn’t try to keep it or anything away from others, as there is enough for all, in all. Seek a different “ISM” today!

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