Episode 45: The Foundation Of Soul-Centered Leadership - Part 3 of 3

This Week's Episode: Engagement & Collaboration:
The Principle of Love and Energy

Part 3: Engagement & Collaboration: The Principle of Love and Energy
There is an “emergent leader” within each of us that can be developed and encouraged to be expressed for the benefit of the world. The leader within us is founded on the authentic expression of the self, which includes honesty, openness, and humility. The authentic leader draws on an internal source of value and power, rather than obtaining externally based power and value. These qualities are inherent within each person, however mindful attention is required to develop and nurture these qualities in order for them to be fully expressed.

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Dr. Dorianne Cotter-Lockard inspires leaders to transform themselves and their organizations by providing leadership development, organizational development, executive coaching, and business and technology consulting services. Dr. Cotter-Lockard served as an executive of a Fortune 100 company for eight years, where she was a key member of the “C-level” leadership team, making divisional decisions for a billion dollar subsidiary with 9,000 employees and is the President of DCL Associates Inc., a management consulting firm focused on developing leaders and helping them to transform their organizations. She also serves as Engagement Leader for CEO2, a company dedicated to “a world that works because business works.”

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Today we broached a subject that has awkward entrance into the workplace through many minds: Love. Dr. Dorianne began by explaining the origin of the Principle of Love/Energy as derived from the ancient hermetic “Law of Vibration.” This Law states that everything is vibrating at different frequencies. In its most basic form, when we project love into our work environments the energy of our loving intention will create a vibration that will resonate with the inner giving nature of Life Itself and return to us a corresponding energy in the field of the relational situation we are working with at the time. Of course, we are not always connected with the vibration of love’s energy and Dr. Dorianne gave us some simple processes to change our energy before heading into the Board room, or picking up the phone to call back a difficult client.

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