Episode 26: The Positive Power Of Public Relations

This episode originally aired January 6th, 2013

This Week's Episode: The Positive Power Of Public Relations

Does history always repeat itself? Does it have to in order to lead this Industry’s future impact. The pivotal cause initiating the act and art of public relations begins in the consciousness of the one communication the message, therefore a clear intention for the greatest good of all would stand to position any messenger well. The aim of public relations by a company is to persuade the public, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about its leadership, products, or of political decisions. Can this be done in a way that serves to educate the individual so that the choice they implement supports a value-based decision rather than a reactionary impulse; and wherein lies the responsibility of the individual to steward their own beliefs, desires and financial means? Most importantly, how does the fact that ‘consciousness manifests’ stand to raise not the stakes, but the standards of this age old profession as the super power it is.

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Bill Arrot Humanity KnowsBill Arrott has enjoyed a long career in public relations, marketing and engineering journalism. He established a trade/technical and professional communications department in the public relations firm of Gardner, Jones & Company, which helped launch many highly successful products ranging from Green Giant “boil in the bag” frozen vegetables to automotive seat belt retractors to hyperbaric oxygen chambers, rising to executive vice president of the firm. When GJ&C was merged into Hill and Knowlton, then the world’s largest public relations firm, he became senior vice president and headed the advanced technology group, before founding his own firm, William Arrott Associates, which later merged with L. C. Williams and Associates where he was named executive vice president.

After retiring Bill became a Religious Science minister, founded two churches in the Chicago area and resides now in Fort Lauderdale, FL. as an associate minister with the Center for Spiritual Living.

Excerpt from Episode

Bill’s rule of thumb that garnered him open access to universal intelligence, eventually forming his permanent stand for something/against no thing was: help the client get clear on: who do you want to know about you; what do you want them to know and what is the best way to connect client and customer together. He sighted a few stories (as only Bill can) about the trend still existing today where management believes their workforces needs to be motivated.

Bill’s clear opinion is: concerned about worker quality and productivity? It is more effective to honor the sovereignty of the individual and stop de-motivating by talking down to him through futile exhortations to do a better job. When a man goes home after work and has to mow the lawn, he may grumble about doing it, but he wants the rows straight. It's inherent in his nature to be proud of his work.

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