Episode 42: The Rise Of Potential Through Empathic Connections

This Week's Episode: The Rise Of Potential Through Empathic Connections

"If we only had a brain, a heart, the nerve!” And the good news is, it is something we all have in common - however they may not work in sync. When they do come together scary honesty is birthed, becoming a bedrock for a restoration and transformation. The concept and model of empathic communication changes both the faces and energy in business through which substantive individual leadership potential can rise. Empathy in the workplace is more interesting as it is not about being kind but about accountability, integrity and authenticity. Business is about trust and trust is created by how we are in relationship. For example: sales people know this. Advertising is about creating an illusion but it also understands that the trust you built is short lived if your product cannot back it up. So to create long term solid business relationships you need authenticity, integrity and accountability. These 3 are not just about how you perform outwardly but how you experience yourself inwardly.

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Former lawyer turned mediator, trainer and coach, Govert has had the pleasure of working with Boards, CEO’s and Management for some 20 years. His internationally offered individual and group trainings help others to find a better way of dealing with conflict through Empathic Connections.

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My guest Govert was once a former labor lawyer who left his practice because the process seemed one of taking sides and resulting in no one really winning as no one got everything they wanted. He knew instinctively there must be a better way to resolve conflict and began searching. For the past 20 years he has used the principles of nonviolent communications, restorative justice and empathic connection to bring about the truest and most respectful form of human communication towards a mutual resolve. His methods and commitment are well respected in corporations throughout the States and Europe. Tune in and glean a deeper understanding of what is possible through emotional honesty and common trust.

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