Episode 35: The Science of Intuition: The Leading Edge in Business

This episode originally aired March 10th, 2014

This Week's Episode: The Science of Intuition: The Leading Edge in Business

We have all sensed our intuition at play from time to time, but put it to work, at work? Now there is a concept most would need time to wrap their brain around. We are not our thoughts, our mind or our body. So, who are we? How do we know? Our mind is the limiting factor of our life and can also be the gateway to a limitless reality. Learn how to identify the difference between rational and intuitive processes and how to practice asking effective questions of your intuition. “Now my world of possibilities has opened up; I am no longer limited to “thinking” I can use intuition to make decisions.” Lynn Maurer, Professor USIU If you want to become more inspirited, creative, and motivated in your business and learn some key practical ways intuition can be used in business, join us on Monday!

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This Weeks Guest

Dr. Laurence De Rusha, is a former business executive, speaker, and well published author. He is an articulate, engaging, humorous, and entertaining expert who has been featured in print, online venues, and radio and television. De Rusha’s eclectic background includes positions in financial industry, broadcasting, and technology consulting; former CEO of Dr. Joyce Brothers’ Media Group, NYC; COO of DCM Capital Management, Chicago; and Practice Director of Knowledge Management at Cap Gemini Consulting. Known throughout the country for his colorful lectures, and seminars on such broad topics as quantum physics and spirituality, near-death, creativity in business, intuition, and innovation—he presents practical ways to develop the skill of intuition, and how to use it in decisions, innovation and creativity.

Dr. Rusha's Website: larryderusha.com

Excerpt from Episode

The Chinese believe that Intuition is the knowledge of the heart and that the heart is an organ of perception literally enabling us to ‘see’ with our heart. Researchers at the HeartMath Research Center focused on split second knowledge and determined that the heart responds to stimulus before being exposed to stimulus. In his book, the Secret of Knowing: The Science of Intuition, Dr. Larry delves into the differences between the rational and intuitive processes and how to practice asking effective questions of our intuition. So if all the facts are pointing you in one direction and you still feel ‘something is off’ – listen more closely to your heart.

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