Episode 13: "The Transformative Power of Engagement" with guest Karin Volo

This episode originally aired September 30, 2013

This Week's Episode

We hear a lot about employee engagement right now and it is not just the latest buzz word. Disengagement is a growing problem that is presently costing $450-$550 billion per year in lost productivity and in addition stress leave and affiliated health care cost statistics come in around $300 billion annually!

Disengagement doesn't just show up in the workplace, it continues its impact within our families, our communities harming the very fabric of social culture.

Many consultants and corporate leaders are working to mend this rampant disconnect, as the cost of new and improved technology pushes its ‘bottom-line value’ to the forefront in annual budgets around the globe.

Tune in on Monday and take away 5 steps to maximizing productivity and profits through increasing engagement in your workplace. .

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This Week's Guest

Karin VoloKarin Volo, an expert in engagement, career, personal and organizational development, is known as The Evolution Expert. With over 15 years experience working with international Fortune 500 companies on two continents, she has gained insights on business building, cultural transformation, and high performance.

Karin has worked with executive search, leadership mentoring and development. She is a best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and consultant. Karin is co-author of Engage! Your Step By Step Guide To Creating A Workplace That You, Your Co-Workers, and Your Customers Love, a book specializing in Employee Engagement and also the author of the Bringing Joy children’s series. She is also the co-founder of Evoloshen, a company that helps transform organizations into the Most Amazing Companies through people engagement and development.

Excerpt from "The Transformative Power of Engagement"

This week i interviewed, Karin Volo all the way from Sweden! She co-authored a book called "Engage!" And gave our listeners a quick summary of the five cultural keys she extracted from her research into creating successful bottom lines concerning both people and profits through the power of engagement. They are: collaboration, creativity, connection, celebration and my personal favourite, contribution!

When we operate from the principle of unity, our overall experience of what stands before us in our work environments becomes but a shadow of the potential creative power that is sourced within us. It is in the application of this principle that we transform ourselves into something life generating...Birthing the spirit of inclusion, honour and generosity wherever we are.

Excerpted from The Transformative Power of Engagement on “Minding our business: creating a spiritual economy” with host Nadene Rogers.

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As we do the mental and spiritual work to connect with what lies within us, we release the need to get our good, shore ourselves up by the opinions of others, or couch ourselves in the success and affluence of other. Instead we start feeling personal sufficiency, becoming more giving in our transactions and strategies. Basically we start trading up!
When I asked my radio show guest Karin Volo for her parting words of wisdom to bring employee into the energy of engagement she had this to say: put more joy into your work by: being service minded, generosity; focus on what is going well; acknowledge others, recognize them, see what they have done and who they are!
Excerpted from The Transformative Power of Engagement on “Minding our business: creating a spiritual economy” with host Nadene Rogers.
Moving into our present day to day reality, the jobs that need doing, the money that needs making, the advancement that needs planning, the goals that need achieving….Where in this, is a sense of belonging - that needs feeling? Could this idea of engagement bring us closer to our own essential selves, a sense of belonging….And therefore the common cosmology that binds us all?
We build rapport, sometimes creating alliances and even unspoken agreements which we term relationships. Relationships don’t need consensus to survive and grow. Individuals can maintain their unique perspectives and still create collaborative movement towards a vision or a goal in harmonious solidarity…even in the consciousness of oneness.
Excerpted from The Transformative Power of Engagement on “Minding our business: creating a spiritual economy” with host Nadene Rogers.

What is a Spiritual Economy?

An economy that is grown from and sustained by consciously created best business practices, resulting in the highest good for all. Best business practices that implement universal principles maintaining a belief in the highest truth of all people, all Life and to develop visions and missions for organizations and industries that advocate equitable opportunities for expression, advancement and prosperous return. An economy that changes the ‘faces’ in business to tell a new story, born of personal, universal order and sufficiency; a new perspective from which grows a spirit of generosity, compassion and inclusion.

The foundation of a spiritual economy is created from these universal truths:

· We live in an intelligent spiritual universe.
· The universe is a unified whole.
· There is nothing that needs to be fixed or healed, only something to be revealed – by means of us.
· Born within each individual, irrespective of their cosmology is the same creative intelligence, ability and desire to create lives of their choosing.
· The Universe is Abundant, there is infinite supply and therefore enough for all.
· We have direct access to our infinite good.