Episode 22: The Upside Of Organizational Integration

This episode originally aired December 9th, 2013

This Week's Episode: The Upside Of Organizational Integration

What is important for emergent leaders in the world of business to know, in order to become vision led instead of condition driven? How important is it that we maintain centered in principles of a higher nature in order that we may procure a world that works for everyone? What is ours to do and what is not, in an ancient/new world model of shared leadership? How can we grow and sustain a certain knowing that we live in a world that already works perfectly, when much of what we cast our eyes upon and some of what trickles down affecting our everyday lives, stirs feelings of oppression and vulnerability? When the economics and political realities in business cease to fuel us, what then?

Join Dr. Kenn Gordon, both farmer and global peace keeper, as he speaks out about sustainable leadership and the way through.

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This Week's Guest

Dr Kenn Gordon Humanity KnowsDr. Gordon travels the world speaking with everyone from government and religious leaders to individual seekers about ageless universal Truth principles synthesized in the works of Dr. Ernest Holmes.

Spiritual Leader of Centers for Spiritual Living since 2012, Dr. Gordon served as President and Spiritual Leader of Religious Science Int. from 2007 to 2012 contributing to the integration of two organizations now known as Centers for Spiritual Living. He was awarded the prestigious Doctorate in Divinity, Doctorate of Religious Science and named Meritorious Minister of the Year. In 2009, Dr. Gordon spoke at the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, Australia, along with the Dalai Lama and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. He is the author of Mind and Manifestation and member of the Leadership Council for the Association of Global New Thought.

Centers for Spiritual Living Website: CSL.org

Excerpt from "The Upside Of Organizational Integration"

I decided to begin my conversation with Dr. Kenn back when he was farming. I was curious to know if indeed the vision he now dedicates his life to – awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence and creating a world that works for everyone – was seeded at that time in his life. He responded by saying that he was aware of his connection to what he was doing in a unified pattern. From seed to a tangible result, he knew there was a mystical element operating in his experience. As having been an integral participant and influence in the Integration of two religious organizations after a 56 year split, I asked him what he felt was the greatest skill he brought to this enterprise. His answer was simple and swift – Patience.

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