Episode 46: The Upside Of Relational Conflict

This Week's Episode: The Upside Of Relational Conflict

Sometimes the hardest part of our job isn’t the work; it’s the people,’ and I’m sure all of us have had a job where this is certainly true. Conflict is uncomfortable and many of us are so taken aback by it that it can seem easier to just put up and shut up, get as far away from it as possible, or even fuel the fire in order to feel more in control, less vulnerable. Permanent support systems would prove indispensable to help guide individuals in the art of listening, so that it becomes second nature to perceive the goodness in another - engendering empathic connection, where space is held open for others to express their truth without fear of being bullied or being in effect of a covert plan to be cut loose. A workplace environment where individuals take responsibility to resolve their own outer conflicts through doing the inner work necessary to eliminate inflammatory knee-jerk reactions, assumptions and preconceived ideas. Getting ahead through the heart, what a novel idea!

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Stress Management Expert and former Immigration Judge Taron Puri, B.A. LL.B, brings innovative, practical and valuable insights, tools and techniques for effectively handling everyday Stresses. Knowing that most conflict is rooted in how we perceive & think, his ‘mind management’ strategies focus on growing self-awareness, accountability and clarity. Whether speaking, training or coaching, Taron shows you how to turn negatives into positives, reduce the harmful effects of stress in the workplace and improve performance and productivity in every area of your life. His vision is to: “positively change the world, one mind at time.”

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