Episode 31: February Series: The Wealth Revelation, Part 2 of 3: Being a Person of Increase

This episode originally aired February 10th, 2014

This Week's Episode: The Wealth Revelation! Part 2 of 3

The Wealth Revelation! Part 2 of 3: Being a Person of Increase - Overfilling the space we currently occupy

The journey we all share, no matter our unique life experience, position or vision is found in the awareness of our inner capacity to heal our own consciousness and break free from our self-imposed imprisonment born from belief in limitation and lack. This is an abundant world, and the flow of this good in our lives must be initiated by us to move through us and into our experience.

In our natural leaning towards the expression and experience of ‘more’ we will demonstrate appearances of both loss and acquisition as we ‘get’ that money is a result of awakening to our inner wealth. Self-empowerment and rich reward are never as far away as we might think!

If indeed it is done unto us as we believe, then what do you believe about your present and future, financially speaking?.

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Dr. Cynthia Cavalcanti, Women’s Wealth Coach

Dr. Cynthia has been involved in the human potential movement for over 25 years as a student, teacher, minister, author, and workshop facilitator.

While still her twenties, Cynthia enjoyed a successful career in the financial arena. Having made the connection between wealth and consciousness, she set out to discover more about the spiritual side of success.

A recipient of a National Science Foundation research grant, she holds advanced degrees in Anthropology and Religion and is the acting Executive Director of the Center for Spiritual Living in Fremont, California.

Her soon to be published book, 30 Days to Your First Million, is the context in which her vision to create 100 new millionaires in 2014 is premised. www.cindymillion.com for your complimentary EBook!

Excerpt from Episode

When working with money as energy, we must be prepared for anything in any given moment. By this Dr. Cynthia meant, doing the work we need to do that will cause us to live at the level of abundance - an energetic vibration that responds to ALL situations from the consciousness of Wholeness. It became so very apparent that the vibration Dr. Cynthia is speaking about will change economic systems because it begins in the thinker that resides behind the thoughts that have the power to create change. If you want to know how to create a new vision that is not predicated on your past and consciously manifest your financial wealth, tune in to Part 1 of The Wealth Revelation.

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