Nadene Roger's Bio

Nadene Rogers is a New Thought Leader, a teacher of human potential, who creatively bridges science and spirituality into the business of our lives using a whole mind approach to empower the emergent spiritually intelligent leader within all of us.

Her Diamond Mind Coaching and Training Programs support clients in learning to apply universal natural laws, principles and practices so that they may develop strategies guaranteed to ignite creativity, a spirit of generosity and inclusion - both inside and outside the walls of the workplace.

Nadene's body of work is compelling, moving and solution oriented, focusing on the relationship we choose with ourselves, the power each of us possesses to change the way we think and act to procure personal freedom and the highest possible return on our investment both personally and professionally.

A veteran speaker, workshop facilitator, health and wellness advocate for the past thirty years and founding director of Calgary's former: Shenanigans Clown School, Teens of Distinction Society, Seniors Dreamwish Foundation, and the Calgary JOY of Life Centre - Nadene remains inspired by the belief that "humanity knows!"

Some of Nadene's Clients:


Young President's Association, Calgary
Calgary Women's Network, Calgary
Shell Canada, Calgary
Alberta Government Telephones, Calgary
ReMax Reality, Calgary
Bank of Nova Scotia, Drumheller
Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Board, Calgary
Rotary Club, West Vancouver
Rotary Club, Downtown Vancouver
Kiwanis Clubs, Calgary
World Business Academy, Vancouver
Metro-McNair Laboratories, Vancouver
Imperial Bank of Commerce, Vancouver


Pathways to Creative Living Centre, Calgary
Centre for Human Awareness & Development, Calgary
Sea to Sky Spiritual Centre, N Vancouver
Centre for Positive Living, Calgary
Ladner Centre for Spiritual Living, Ladner
Kamloops Centre for Spiritual Living
Kelowna Centre for Spiritual Living

Okanagan Summer School of the Arts
Vancouver Film School
Calgary Board of Education; Adult Learners
Calgary Board of Education; Women's Interaction Conference
Calgary Board of Education; Teachers Convention
Singles Council, Calgary
University of Alberta, ACA Conference
High River Volunteer Assoc.
Alberta Home Care Assoc., Edmonton
Sheriff King Homes, Calgary
Alberta Figure Skaters Conference, Calgary
High River Hospital and Nursing Home
Calgary Winter Games
Western Canada High School, Calgary
Chinook College, Calgary
2011 Women's Sports Fair, Calgary
2007/09/11/12 Asilomar Conference, Monterey
Centers for Spiritual Living Leadership Conference, San Diego
Centers for Spiritual Living Leadership Conference, Vancouver
Centers for Spiritual Living Leadership Conference, Chicago
Catch the Spirit Conference, Calgary
2000/01/02/03 Religious Science Youth Summer Seminars
Shared Vision Magazine, Vancouver
Canadian New Thought Conference, Kamloops
John Howard Society Annual Conference, Calgary