TRANSFORMATION ISN’T ABOUT CHANGING WHO YOU ARE, IT IS ABOUT MAKING YOU MORE OF WHO YOU ARE through the process of letting go our consciously and subconsciously constructed identity. It isn’t something to aspire towards like success, fame or fortune or even being recognized as a person of good deed and integrity. It is an

Ahh…sweet control and its temporary feeling of power! We can justify all choices (through greater or lesser eloquence in our verbiage) as we flip-flop between being the recipient of God’s discerning blessing and, our role as co-creator. There can be a feeling of freedom in both mindsets on the integration path of our divine humanity,

Freedom in Inclusive Living

Monday, 21 April 2014 by

Is there a place rooted within the human mind that exists as a pulling vision of peace or is it more like an instinctual desire for peace that surfaces in the face of its seeming absence? Perhaps our conscious mind is not what holds the knowing of the true and absolute existence of the nature


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When we step aside from our ways of being and thinking that created the situations we find ourselves in, the situations that no longer serve us, we must activate within us the courage to step into unknown, the mystery in order to walk and work in the field of expanded possibility. Here we move towards

You and I work and live in two worlds. The first of which contains our circumstances, our material acquistions or lack there of and the impermance within the maturation of our own conscious evolution. This world operates within the principle of either/or, win/lose, sacrifice and suffering. The second world is one of infinite unformed potential,

No Small Change!

Sunday, 21 July 2013 by

Recently I was involved in another event that provided an opportunity for me to be at my ‘creative’ best. It was an evening of “Harvesting Our Abundance”, giving thanks for all that we have, and more importantly, all that we ‘are’ and have always been as the gift given to this world, long before our

The Beauty of Imperfection

Sunday, 21 July 2013 by

 I recently received an email from my good friend and colleague Marilyn. Marilyn is a dog lover who demonstrates her perfectionism (in part) through the many ‘First’ ribbons she and her Portuguese Water Dog  ‘Blizten’ have won over the past decade in free style. In fact they are Canadian champions! The email was called: “Life

Selfless Service

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Have you ever held this thought? “I think being of service in my community will give to me a depth of meaning to life that I feel is missing and I don’t know where to start looking for the right “fit.” I have always felt that we need to begin with the idea that “service”

Original Thinking, a New Bottom Line. I had the pleasure to meet Andy, a father of the bride, at a one of my recent weddings. He engaged me in the retelling of what it was like being management in Corporate Canada.  Andy was often queried for his penchant to chat with the janitor, or others