Loosen up, Lighten up and reclaim your childlike innocence!

CLOWNING AROUND – Part 1: for Personal Growth!

"Within the experience of learning the art of clowning, mystical, magical things happen, and personal transformation occurs."

For example:

‘Reacting’ turns to connection and flow; ‘Self-consciousness’ turns into mindful attention; A belief in one’s lack of ability and capacity turns into a feeling of self-trust. Learn to truly ‘be in the moment.’ See the world as it is and BE IN IT in a way that works for YOU!

It is a passage in which you set aside your identity and explore the awesome depth and breadth of who is inside.

Warning: Significant healing can take place in unexpected moments and during spontaneous bursts of excitement & the knowing of Truth! Strange and wonderful things happen when you let yourself be seen.

Nadene has had 22 years of professional performance and teaching in Calgary and Vancouver area! “Everything we seek exists right where we are. Through embracing our humanity, we connect with our divinity. Humanity Nose!”

Clowning is both a professional performance art and a mystical path for the spiritual seeker.

For more course info call Nadene Rogers @ 403.701.0754

Candice PerkoDirector and Co-chair, Business and Community Liaison Committee, Bragg Creek and Area Chamber of Commerce
Nadene your presentation style was genuine, dynamic and engaging, your material - thought provoking and inspiring. Your delivery met our objectives, was refreshing and well received

October 6th – November 17, $110 per person (Ages 16+)

6:30pm-8:30pm, Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna

Register: rotarycentreforthearts.com

Kathleen FairStaff Conference Coordinator, The John Howard Society of Alberta
Nadene’s passion for life, enthusiasm for harmonious community and her inner spirit is contagious and immediately uplifting. She is a professional in every sense of the word. Her presentation was unanimously praised by our conference attendees who said: “an amazing presence, awesome, inspirational and authentic.