Diamond Mind Programs

Diamond Mind Programs are custom designed to address and achieve clients’ objectives, engender within participants an urgency to live and work from the place of inner sufficiency, original thinking, and right action – optimizing returns for all.


A business practitioner is one who aligns themselves with the natural laws of the universe and applies spiritual principles and practices in the business world.

As a Business Practitioner you will increase your understanding of:

How spiritual laws that are operating as the invisible cause to a visible world, work in, as and through us.  Nadene will teach metaphysically how all thought creates which changes our perceptions to engender powerful symmetry, cohesion and heightened productivity in our existing business environment.


  • How integral the roles imagination, focus and willpower play in the unfoldment of a new idea
  • The power of self-reliance and self- responsibility in affecting  business growth
  • The results that inclusivity, collaboration and building intentional community can bring in both a new bottom-line which includes supporting a world that works for everyone.
  • And – Explore how to use the infinite creative intelligence that lives within you, right where you are and begin to reshape your world from the inside-out.


Week One: CONCEIVING (visioning)

  • The Use of Imagination and Will – natural to the creative process
  • The Law of Cause and Effect
  • The Law of Correspondence
  • The Law of Attraction

Week Two: BELIEVING (preparing the way)

  • Mental and Emotional Equivalency
  • Conscious/Subconscious Mind Alignment
  • The Spiritual Practices of Listening, Meditation, Visioning and the Law of Growth.

Week Three RECEIVING (integrating)

  • Reframing fear
  • Develop Personal Identity with The Law of Resonance and Live from the Result
  • Release the Voice of your Non-Serving Paradigms

Week Four ACHIEVING (manifesting)

  • Collapsing Time and Space Continuum,
  • The Laws of Giving, Circulation, and Manifestation
  • How to Accelerating Results
  • The Importance of Gratitude

“The world doesn’t owe us a living, but the universe does.” – Wallace Wattles


Some Love from our Clients

  • I am absolutely amazed at the change in my life having attended a couple of courses facilitated by the Nadene Rogers. Her instruction and knowledge of the daily application of spiritual law were exactly what I needed to take my professional, family and inner life to the next level.

    I have found that the spiritual principles that she embodies can be used to master the conditions in our world and no longer are we the victims of circumstance. In fact we are co-creators with an infinite power that will express itself as success and love if directed to do so in a particular manner that is consistent with the operation of what we call Law.

    Nadene’ s delivery is with such eloquence that it will appeal to many types of intellect and always has that touch of her personal experience to make it more tangible. I would highly recommend investigation with an open mind as you are gently led to witness the miracles that will ensue.
    Jane Hansen, Customer Service Coordinator - Wrigley a subsidiary of Mars Inc.
  • Nadene, your presentation style was genuine, dynamic and engaging; your material thought provoking and inspiring. Your delivery met with our objectives and was refreshing and well received.

    I think we could all use a bit more “spirit’ in our lives and Bragg Creek’s business community would certainly benefit from teachings and guidance such as yours. Thank you for the part you played in our annual Merchant’s Association Conference.
    Candace Perko, Director and Co-Chair, Business and Community Liaison Committee Bragg Creek and Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Nadene is a professional in every sense of the word. She spent a great deal of time and energy considering the conference theme and the objectives I laid out to develop her materials. Her presentation was unanimously praised by our conference attendees who additional described her as: an amazing presence, awesome, inspirational and an authentic woman.

    Nadene added much to the learning and growth of our attendees, thank you Nadene for your wisdom and your laughter.
    Kathleen Fair, Staff Conference Coordinator - The John Howard Society of Alberta
  • “Nadene’s passion for life, enthusiasm for harmonious community, and her inner spirit is contagious and immediately uplifting.

    Her style of teaching is one of inclusivity and respect for the place we each are at in our spiritual growth. The wisdom, joy and guidance that Nadene personally brings to each class definitely sets the stage for open and honest dialogue, for awakening to truth and for understanding of humanity as a whole.

    Bringing spirituality into the workplace is a completely different way of living for me, however it’s making a difference early into this path as work environment becomes more harmonious, less ego-driven and more community/team spirited.”
    Jamie Jones, Senior Clinical Lead Provincial Access Team - Alberta Health Services