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The dawn of new business practices in an age of impermanence where on top can be down under in the blink of an eye and ‘the DOW’ continues as an index of inequitable fortune that continues to spin the world off its natural axis, is about to become replete. “The world is breathing differently now, with heads of state, government, religious and socio-economic systems focused on collaborative efforts towards an equitable and sacred economy.” Let’s move past historic premise which perpetuates limited foresight, to purposefully design in our own minds a world that works for everyone. Be in charge in change by adopting best business practices through opening the heart of altruism and philanthropic intention. If anything is possible everything is possible. The same Universal Law, makes it so. Use it. Prove the power for change exists right where you are and be part of the solution towards a world that works for everyone in 2014!

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“Placing the blame or judgment on someone else leaves you powerless to change your experience; taking responsibility for your beliefs and judgments gives you the power to change them” Byron Katie

“When we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.” Byron Katie

The invitation and solution for you to consider? Don’t believe everything you think!

This Episode is designed to be revelatory in the clearest and simplest of terms. If you are not presently aware of The Work, and its lasting impacting on your perspective and your world of business, do tune in.

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There can be an unmistakable pull to walk on the wild side of professional correctness. It is as familiar to the many who wield ultimate buck stopping power, as it is to the overlooked mid-management employee who has stayed to play long after hope for advancement has gone. What turns the switch in an individual to violate a standard of professional ethics and how do you report another when their conversation and actions belie company policy and common sense deployment of one’s positional responsibility? What constitutes ethical boundaries and what truly lies behind the decision to take a risk that can ultimately destroy the bonds of relationship and compromise the corporate culture and its standing.

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What is important for emergent leaders in the world of business to know, in order to become vision led instead of condition driven? How important is it that we maintain centered in principles of a higher nature in order that we may procure a world that works for everyone? What is ours to do and what is not, in an ancient/new world model of shared leadership? How can we grow and sustain a certain knowing that we live in a world that already works perfectly, when much of what we cast our eyes upon and some of what trickles down affecting our everyday lives, stirs feelings of oppression and vulnerability? When the economics and political realities in business cease to fuel us, what then?

Join Dr. Kenn Gordon, both farmer and global peace keeper, as he speaks out about sustainable leadership and the way through.

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Corporate culture can’t be left on the back burner to burn.

After the decision is made as to what the corporate culture needs to be, often the day to day management is tended by others, such as the Human Resources Department. With the eye of the leader searching for the optimal prize and off the ultimate treasure, problems ensue.

Companies come in all shapes and sizes, never a one size fits all – however each leader must envision and ensure that a healthy corporate culture is both built and nurtured, or the margin of error increases and the profit margin decreases.

A culture with a lack lustre momentum, one that fails to inspire authentic engagement, and creative thinking, will not sustain a healthy triple bottom-line and by default will soon be defined by its own lack of insight, inclusion and self-serving agenda.

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In a competitive corporate climate, how can our most primal and natural expression serve to unite? What means can be created through which inclusion, collaboration and authenticity become the norm? How can we elevate our own mental fitness and in doing so contribute to the inspiration of others?

The circle is a powerful symbol for the eternal flow of life, and the sacredness of all that resides within. The drum is an ancient healing agent, used to facilitate unity both within the soul of man and the soul of humanity.

A radical approach perhaps, yet a tried and true method of diffusing and resolving conflicts caused by self-aggrandizing perspectives and the debilitating absence of joy. Watch competitive posturing and its advocacy for the importance of status relinquish its hold on exclusion and forge open and honoring relationships.

By drumming up the consciousness of those that do the work, the energy of your business will be remarkably enhanced!.

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As the ‘triple bottom-line’ philosophy of People, Planet & Profits makes its way into corporate cultures around the globe, it asks of the decisions making money investors to lead with clear intention towards the possibility of an equitable economy. This only becomes feasible when leadership utilizes certain practical and spiritual money mastery principles to afford the greater unfoldment of an idea whose time has come.

Ask yourself this question: Can I suspend my buy in to illusory status quo beliefs which state: “There isn’t enough to go around and If others get more, then I’ll have less?” Might learning how to escape the Money Traps of Scarcity, Superstition and Survival Mode give you the permanent shift you are looking for in your experience with money and play into the wellbeing of a new sacred economy?

Join us for a thorough discussion around true financial power and its widespread impact.

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A time in which, despite our deadlines, mergers and quandaries of how to position ourselves in business, can bring each of us back to the heart of peace. There is a promise inside the action of peace that simply doesn’t exist in the fight against anything. When you remember those that did fight, that felt their contribution worthy and noble by forcibly suppressing ‘the other’ for the betterment of a Nation, how does this impact your leadership mindset?

Does the recognition of loss or sacrifice in your war, stir in you a feeling of justice, or does it reveal a deep desire to do things differently? Do you ask yourself how is it possible to succeed in a competitive world and at the same time ensure your leadership promotes the highest return on personal investment for all? Remembrance Day. An invitation to call forward your true capacity and relinquish the part you play in upholding a tired corporate myth that promotes divide and conquer - that in order to win, someone must lose. Peace and justice for all already exists in the field of potential, does it exist in you?

Join us and shift your perspective on some common leadership challenges in the corporate world of today.

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As emergent leaders in our perspective fields of employment, many if not all of us carry the entrepreneurial spirit, just waiting to bust loose! A spirit that holds a fertile but yet undeveloped vision towards a greater sense of purpose and meaning realized through the time and effort we spend earning a living. What keeps our true capacity to be creatively brilliant and rise above the challenges associated with claiming a prosperous livelihood, unexpressed? Our evolution in the broadest sense is guaranteed, however we are not always aware of the pivotal role we play in its development. Tune in Monday and transform any fear of uncertainty you may hold into a powerful catalyst to free your own brilliance!

Guest: Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones

Dr. Dennis is a keynote speaker, teacher, spiritual mentor, consultant, and a columnist in the Huffington Post.

He believes that there is a new consciousness of unity, cooperation and reverence rising in humankind where the value of all life is considered sacred; which will prove one of the most significant and vital influences upon society when approaching the challenges of 21st century living. His teachings promote a contemporary, life-affirming, spiritually logical and positive outlook on life, which are reflected in his writings and seminars. Dr. Dennis is the award winning author of The Art of Being ~ 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life, and more recently, The Art of Uncertainty ~ How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It.

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The low down is - anyone, yes anyone can countdown to financial increase through creating wealth consciousness.

Our countdown begins with peeling away myths, beliefs, past experiences, and hypnotic statistical suggestion to reveal the universal creative intelligence within each individual. The nature of this Intelligence is to creatively expand through a variety of expressions.

Our countdown continues in increasing delight and gratitude for the flow of abundance we meet face to face, during the business of expanding our potential we are here to both inspire and experience.

The ebb and flow of our unique creative process consists of both loss and acquisition and, as we ‘get’ that money is a result of awakening to our inner wealth, our building blocks include self-empowerment and rich reward.

If indeed it is done unto us as we believe, then what do you believe about your present and future, financially speaking?

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In the world of business most endure fast pace, yesterday deadlines, third party explanations, and coveted perceptions of the few as the basis upon which to build our professional platforms for advancement, even if they are a mismatch to our own set of values.

Being informed that there is a power within us that can be utilized for a brighter future is of little consolation to a mind that is frequently on overload and a body that longs to burn off or sleep off the accumulative distractions we give our attention to.

Are we so addicted to action, urgency and quick fixes that we have no longing towards spending a moment to welcome in our natural born state of peace, of joy, of creativity, of passion?

How do we begin entertaining a new mental attitude towards the sacredness of our own being and of life as it shows up? How do we move from this new attitude to a new expression to a new experience that lasts?

Spiritual practices, when practiced, help us find the strength we need to be present with whatever life brings.

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We move through our workdays sometimes feeling our energy is on top of the world, sometimes stymied or replete as we experience our emotions, reactions and behaviours. We often comment on our lack of energy. Not always, though are we aware of our thoughts. All thoughts are causal creative energy in motion. Yet we often move about in our own little bubble unaware of how our energy, is creating our reality and directly impacting others. The universal Law of Correspondence offers us a way to check in and see just how mindful we are being. There are techniques we can learn to revitalize our energy, which support us to center ourselves, re focus and feel more relaxed, but ultimately our inner work needs to be done at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels for optimal results. Energetically, we are INDIVIDUAL, but not SEPARATE from each other as we live in a sea of Energy which connects us all intimately and ultimately responds to how we direct and use this Energy.

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We hear a lot about employee engagement right now and it is not just the latest buzz word. Disengagement is a growing problem that is presently costing $450-$550 billion per year in lost productivity and in addition stress leave and affiliated health care cost statistics come in around $300 billion annually!

Disengagement doesn't just show up in the workplace, it continues its impact within our families, our communities harming the very fabric of social culture.

Many consultants and corporate leaders are working to mend this rampant disconnect, as the cost of new and improved technology pushes its ‘bottom-line value’ to the forefront in annual budgets around the globe.

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HUMAN SOLAR POWER. A statement that engages contemplation. A statement that when explored reveals its root in the support of a universal spiritual system of infinite abundant flow. What is Soul Currency? What is Solar Currency? How are these concepts interchangeable and why is it so important to what happens to the world? If you are curious as to how to learn and implement ‘spiritual flow’ and create a prosperous life through a new experience of letting it happen versus making it happen, then don’t miss this Show!

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There is an “emergent leader” within each of us that can be developed and encouraged to be expressed for the benefit of the world. The leader within us is founded on the authentic expression of the self, which includes honesty, openness, and humility. The authentic leader draws on an internal source of value and power, rather than obtaining externally based power and value. These qualities are inherent within each person, however mindful attention is required to develop and nurture these qualities in order for them to be fully expressed. Affirming our value as a contributing member within any community, be it familial or corporate begins with understanding that we are enough, just because we exist. Using the tools within the teachings of both emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence will support leaders in developing an intentionally authentic self-relationship, which carves a path upon which others are inspired to walk. In her coaching practice, Dr. Cotter-Lockard helps leaders discover and nurture the qualities of authentic leadership.

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We didn’t earn anything in this life that really sustains us or makes us feel good: air, water, the sun, earth’s provisional food supply, our birth…and yet we strive to amass possessions to increase the illusion of our status, security and power. In doing so, embraced in the illusion of scarcity instead of the belief in universal abundance we live lives of entitlement and give little heed to our responsibilities as stewards of our own life, the life of others or that of the earth. When we as a people endlessly reiterate the question: “Why?” in reference to our environmental travesties or our crisis of man’s inhumanity to man, our need to know has no doubt uncovered down a couple of levels - the money system. And even below this mesmerizing power that money seems to hold over us is the question: “What is it to be human?” We have created a separate self and at the root of the root of our experience in life lies the answer to this question…for from it, our world has been created. What is the self? We come to know who we are by looking outside and seeing what we are not. And from there our need to own, control and become a person of a 1000 faces is critical to our survival. Our survival becomes so precious that we will dishonor others and the expression and discovery of our own true nature. The journey of separation in this world of duality is a part of a much larger process in order that humanity awaken to its true purpose. As moments of global crisis occur and escalate – we have a collective choice: do we give up the game and join the people or hold on even tighter. The premise of sacred economics is drawn from “A Gift Economy”…where we are no longer in competition with one another as in our present economy but rather, when we have more than we need we give it to someone who is in need. As this gratitude and way of being increases we find ourselves in alignment with the universal law of circulation and the co-creation of intentional community. There are ways to shift a global money system that is not working. In taking responsibility for the role we play as co-creators in our own lives, we will dawn the cape of stewardship. Anything less than coming together in agreement to use our collective wisdom and love to steward the earth and its people at this point in our civilization, just isn’t worth trying.

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Trials and tribulations line the conscious evolutionary path of every leader and emerging leader. It is the natural way of things, when a higher order of thought is cause to a new order of business. Scientifically it can be described as “chemicalization”….each and every particle reorders itself to fit the greater vision or is released from participation. In an excerpt from Catherine Ponder’s book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity she describes in part this idea as: “Chemicalization means that things are coming out in a better state of affairs than ever before. Regardless of what seems to be happening, It never means anything else. When a physical or mental disturbance arises after your deliberate use of right thinking, it is always a sign that your right thinking is at work clearing out the negative, so that the positive power of good can gain complete dominion of your world.” What is the motivating force behind stepping up and out as a conscious leader? What is it in your mind? Are you concerned about things you must let go of, that you might lose control? Do you consider transparency as a key value required to create greater potential for your own expression and return? Can you envision the value of transparency in the formation of a new corporate humanity- one that collaborates with, inspires and supports the advancement of the greater good? Where have you been withholding your truth, your authentic self in your business practice? Is it time to change and move in concert with an infinite intelligent universal system whose nature is creative and ever expanding beyond what has gone before… one that only knows how to respond in the affirmative and says YES to Itself? Is it time you said YES to your true self and put your whole self in? Listen In this coming Monday and explore the professional value of transparency while gaining a permanent shift in your own leadership consciousness!

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At some point in our lives we all come to a crossroads where exploring both our conscious and unconscious core beliefs around money is necessary to our survival. In this we often uncover a deep commitment to an “either/or” and “there is a price to pay” commitment, from which we can trace our relational patterns to the financial journey we have taken. Some believe that money is the root of all evil, when in fact it is our thought about money that creates a challenge in either attracting it, keeping it or circulating it in a healthy fashion. Instead of a tool of exchange, a way to serve or an expression of gratitude for and faith in the natural flow of universal abundance, we can find ourselves filled with life-limiting anxiety, lack of self-esteem and a perpetuating inability to receive. Money is no greater or lesser an result of our belief system and our experience with it can be radically altered, through the understanding and application of the spiritual law of Giving and Receiving. When we can shift our perception and see the responsibility we have in the creation of our own abundance, all former shame, guilt and blame dissolves and the spirit of generosity and joy becomes our constant companion.

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Although the sound of rattling pocket changed has quelled and the illusionary belief that life’s value can be found and sustained in amassing the dollar bill has met its challenge by many - hardworking individuals are still lacking lives of substance, joy, inspiration and meaning. Being an employee is one thing, working on commission sales another. I have been both, yet have spent most of my life as an entrepreneur, constantly taking responsibility for my daily bread and wellbeing. Why? Because it causes me to dive deeply into my own capacity and inner resources, fires up my enthusiasm and inspiration by living on the creative edge and allows me to imagine and vision the endless prosperity in networking and collaborating with other like minded and like hearted souls. And it constantly teaches me the value of servant leadership. I have learned that the saying: do what you love and the money will follow holds truth, but one must have faith in the law of attraction. Without faith in this universal law of matching frequencies…….I couldn’t have afforded (trusted) the luxury of doing what i love and i have done what i love all of my life. Initiating the law of attraction is automatically done within the intention behind the act. My intention has always been one of service to the greater good of humanity and my return has been astounding. This is me. Who are you? Join us this week as we explore the principle of the law of attraction and how it can open a mind focused on earning money to value serving others first.

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Do you want to make a difference, be socially conscious and do your part at environmental sustainabilty? Does this desire become just another outward goal or are you taking action based upon these persoal values? Whether you answered yes to either question or whether you hold a vision as valuable but perhaps a little less broad, the important question remains: are you living a divinely inspired life? And what does that even mean… follow your heart, your bliss, be true to yourself, be the change? To be divinely inspired is first a matter of expanding one’s mind and being - into direct communion with the principle of unity. It is understood as it is consciously applied. Divine inspiration arises from within this communion at right and perfect intervals, ones that we cannot project or plan. At this point we notice that a greater truth than is known, is moving, guiding and using us. Dr. Ernest holmes has been quoted as saying: “there is a power for good in this universe and we can use it.” while this indeed has been proven by the best minds in the business world, living a divinely inspired life at work is about leaning into this ineffable power sourced within allowing its vision to shape us. When we touch into this experiences as human beings….The ‘need’ to make a difference is satiated and our faith in this power for good becomes the way we walk in an ever awakening world. You might be a person whose intention is to consciously lead, you might be a person who is open to being consciously led. Either way divine inspiration can come calling and our work life will never be the same!

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Practicing Meditation and Silence in the workplace may seem radical or avant-garde to some, but to others who work in companies that have traded in their smoking lounges for meditation rooms, it is an anticipated tool for regenerative, open, creative thinking and expression. It has become a natural and necessary practice for many. Someone once stated: “When we don’t go within, we go without!” Meditation is much more than a stress buster. It is a process that when practiced with clear intention, commitment and no expectation, can lead to mental agility and an expanded perspective that more easily form exacting solutions and results. Meditation also brings you to the still point of listening and receiving your own inner wisdom, building trust in yourself as the source to your good. If you are open to a different experience at work that is initiated by a more open and receptive mind, then join us on Monday and learn some simple techniques you may begin to put into practice right where you are.

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What is the single biggest barrier for most organizations to successfully implement change? A challenging issue for any corporation when the approach to change considers the pressing conditions up for removal, from the viewpoint of what is not working. When decision makers affirm what is working in their favor – the inner integrity and motivational force within the creative potential of employees, change will be perceived as exciting and stimulating. To elevate the mental fitness of those on the front lines is imperative to both set and meet higher workplace standards and maximized profitability for all. Progressive systems and sustainable change have a home in the heart of every considered and valued employee. On this week’s show we will be introducing the Law of Growth and how it can be instrumental in perceiving change as natural within the universal creative process towards and the attainment of one’s vision.

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Whatever ‘increasing my bottom line’ means to you, there are spiritual laws working invisibly to respond in correspondance to the direction of your vision, depth of your feeling conviction and breadth of your trust in and gratitude for an infinitely intelligent universe in which all potential already exists. Given the scientific and spiritual truth of this statement, the question most asked is: “how do i use this information and grow my company, increase my level of productivity, or make my millions?” the 3 key concepts of manifesting to be covered are: • create and aliven a mental equivalent for what you desire • initiate the reciprocal action of the universe through giving • releasing fear based patterns the law of manifesting has nothing to do with taking or getting our good from any outside source. Join me along with my guest jane hansen who credits her use of spiritual principles and practices every time she excedes her monthly profit projections!

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In a Spiritual Workplace how do we deal with the competition when really there is none? Many company’s place too much importance on what the competition is doing. How can we stop them? How are they positioning themselves? These are the old ways to of doing business and come from a belief that we are not enough and there is not enough to go around. Imagine being focused on our own inner poise, positioning ourselves for outer success. How can we become more creative thinking and receptive leaders? How can we better serve humanity with our services and products? Other company’s exist only to reveal to you the next innovative strategy, the next creative idea and the expanded version of who you are. Because of them you stand to become a person of increase, a visionary leader taking the consciousness of your employees, colleagues, shareholders and the industry itself to the next level. This is an abundant universe. As we advocate for the creative potential within ourselves, instead of what is not working, analyzing what we stand to lose or focusing our attention on what the other guy is doing. We step up and become good financial and relational stewards within our companies.

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Are you frustrated by the lack of respect and inclusion; inequality of pay grade and advancement opportunities? DO you value an alive, caring and fun working environment in which you can focus on increasing both your qualitative and quantitative bottom-line? ARE you looking for a new way to do business? We are each others harvest…We are each others business…We are each others magnitude…We are each others bond. When we open ourselves and reach into the presence of potentiality in every conversation, every meeting, every tough decision, every quiet (or noisy) moment in the elevator – we are awakening to wisdom within us that we can count on. Our premiere show will explore the value of trusting this wisdom as the key to presenting authentically powerfully and paramount in reaping the outcomes we envision. When we elevate our mental fitness and frequency we let go the ideal our good comes from somewhere outside of ourselves and we become the source of our supply a force of good for all. Minding Our Business advocates this universe is abundant - this is a world of plenty – and we are enough just as we are. Let's get busy and change the 'faces' in business - ours!

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What is a Spiritual Economy?

An economy that is grown from and sustained by consciously created best business practices, resulting in the highest good for all. Best business practices that implement universal principles maintaining a belief in the highest truth of all people, all Life and to develop visions and missions for organizations and industries that advocate equitable opportunities for expression, advancement and prosperous return. An economy that changes the ‘faces’ in business to tell a new story, born of personal, universal order and sufficiency; a new perspective from which grows a spirit of generosity, compassion and inclusion.

The foundation of a spiritual economy is created from these universal truths:

· We live in an intelligent spiritual universe.
· The universe is a unified whole.
· There is nothing that needs to be fixed or healed, only something to be revealed – by means of us.
· Born within each individual, irrespective of their cosmology is the same creative intelligence, ability and desire to create lives of their choosing.
· The Universe is Abundant, there is infinite supply and therefore enough for all.
· We have direct access to our infinite good.