Freedom in Inclusive Living

by / Monday, 21 April 2014 / Published in articles

Is there a place rooted within the human mind that exists as a pulling vision of peace or is it more like an instinctual desire for peace that surfaces in the face of its seeming absence? Perhaps our conscious mind is not what holds the knowing of the true and absolute existence of the nature of peace present everywhere at all times, perhaps it is the soul.

The soul, also described as the subconscious action of mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes is a purveyor of the nature of being for through it, all outer reality is made manifest. Our conscious goings on, our ideas and ideals made known within and without ourselves are all fashioned into form through the primary function of the soul/subconscious.

Being that one part of our mind draws in possibility and the other outputs it as our reality, we are the ones, the carriers, the providers, our own foremost authority on the eternal, infinite existence and power of peace.

When we choose peace, inclusivity is a natural by-product. When we choose peace, we wriggle and writhe as we switch out our rational, limited view of who we are for the restorative invitation to stop the reinforcement of bias resistances which formerly have kept us safe – and the experience of life small.

Everything outside happens inside first, and if we affirm this universal creative process of manifestation through choosing to grow our lives in this Truth, then our embracement of all life including our own, is automatic and natural and we feel free.

Relational conflicts lessen and disappear, self-delusions that keep us away from giving ourselves into life more fully fall away, trust is turned inward and our focus on our differences becomes a gentle and celebrated understanding of our commonality.

As our perspective on life becomes inclusive, as we see that this entire universe is interdependent – our minds and hearts open, our experience expands, and our souls respond very, very differently.