by / Monday, 21 April 2014 / Published in articles

When we step aside from our ways of being and thinking that created the situations we find ourselves in, the situations that no longer serve us, we must activate within us the courage to step into unknown, the mystery in order to walk and work in the field of expanded possibility.

Here we move towards our mastery, our greatness and become a person of increase, aligning our purpose and passion with ways to contribute our expertise.
Out of this flows a measure of abundant livingness that our intellect and knowledge base could never produce.

We humans love to share our stories recounting what has happened in our lives and what consitutes our dreams of a better life………..If we take the time to observe with the eyes and mind of a witness, rather than a participant we can become informed of the patterns of experiences. Behind the patterns of experience or results lies a pattern of belief constituting who we are, who we are not, what is possible and what is not possible.

The potential of uncertainty offers us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the capacity of an inborn creative intelligence, who’s nature it is to expand beyond what has gone before giving us an expanded experience of what ‘is’ possible! An intelligence that can guide us, rather than the stressful experience of trying to hold on until something outside of us changes and we feel the solid ground underneath us once again….Even though that familiar ground can be at its worst – rife with discontent and unrealized potential and at its best safe yet static….At least things are back to normal!

To align with our purpose and welcome the nature of the creative process in which uncertainty exists ‘as’ our growing edge, we can turn to the principle of unity and the knowing that we live in an interdependent universe, operating as an invisible creative power through the direction of our thought.

In the intention to expand our consciousness to explore and incorporate this truth, lies our creative potential. When our focus moves inward to contemplate, connect with and activate this inner resource – our need to get anything from an outside source, even our ego’s objective to produce and achieve… will pale in comparison of what can be realized.