No Small Change!

by / Sunday, 21 July 2013 / Published in articles

Recently I was involved in another event that provided an opportunity for me to be at my ‘creative’ best. It was an evening of “Harvesting Our Abundance”, giving thanks for all that we have, and more importantly, all that we ‘are’ and have always been as the gift given to this world, long before our birthdate, so to speak. Now call me crazy, but I (hopefully along with others) am better at creating fun than tending the bottom line outcomes of such vital community exchanges. Now, how can that be?

After all, I am the 24 karat gold keeper of the treasury 24/7 in my life, am I not? I am the major storekeeper and distributor of the world’s circulating cash, money, loot, bucks, bills, moolah, bread and dosh, no? In other words I have a wealth of experience, many, many years of learning to move past making ends meet and on to bigger equations. In fact, there is nothing that I financially create that is not shared in one way or t ’other! Ahh… so hence, where is the problem you might ask (as if you don’t already know).

I have come to deduce beliefs of mine at play here: Money is (can be) the root of all evil and/or we either enjoy wealth in this world or health, but not both and/or focusing on money can play havoc with your love life and/or money is the symbol of greed, power, and an anti-democratic society and/or it is LOVE that makes the world go ‘round…obviously beliefs are not so simple! However what is simple is the science behind the idea, what you think (dwell) upon, you create.

In all my previous examples of beliefs – be they consciously or subconsciously operating within me, each bring me to perceive a world of duality. A world where if I am this, I can’t be that; if I have this experience, it is exclusive of that experience. This  kind of mental atmosphere promotes an experience of constant sacrifice, loss and separation as reality.

When I remember that I am enough because I exist, that my worth is my wealth in life, that I need for nothing, as my supply emanates from the infinite creative intelligence within, my storehouse – I am freed of a perspective that separates me from my prosperity or the endless financial good I can attract.

Celebrate your life in the knowing that every ‘person, place or thing’ you attract is of the same energy, the same potential as Life itself. There is only one thing going on here and that is: Infinite Supply dancing within a Field of Possibilities.  Where? Right where you are.