Original Thinking, a New Bottom Line

by / Saturday, 29 June 2013 / Published in articles

Original Thinking, a New Bottom Line.

I had the pleasure to meet Andy, a father of the bride, at a one of my recent weddings. He engaged me in the retelling of what it was like being management in Corporate Canada.  Andy was often queried for his penchant to chat with the janitor, or others of different rank and “floor levels” as he put it.  He found great value and meaning in his connections, not only in projected timelines, goals and budgets.

This is not a fresh discussion.  What is it we can do to create workplaces where our humanity is respected and honored? Where one’s “title” is used to increase inclusivity by trading in the competitive GREATER/LESSER (win/lose) mindset in favor of a creative one.

There is a space within the mind of man, where all Life exists.

This space is called “original thought”.  It is imperative that we each become familiar with the potential of original thought. It is the leading edge in creating a world of equanimity and harmony – a world that reflects the innate common nature that lies within us all, a bottom line urge(ncy) to become the expression we were purposely born to be, living in a world of “enough.”

Original thought is already changing the face of productivity and economics as we become consciously aware of the part we play in co-creating a better world for all, through cooperation with the invisible laws of this universe.

Emerson stated:  “Nature obeys us as we obey nature.”

Is this then not a perfect methodology for expanding the expression of prosperity, peace and potential in the world of business to become strong leaders in the condition of our country, our planet?

We are called to investigate what is involved in the revelation and practice of living from original thought, so that through our individually changed consciousness we uplift our experience of reality to sustain and cultivate an invigorated, motivated joy for living and win-win business practices.

Scientifically it is known that our perceptions create our reality, and we can in fact rewrite our genetic code. Since thought creates form, then original thinking is the way to go in order to create different results.

So what is Original Thought?

Most of us can relate to what it is not: decisions made from former experiences, statistics, knowledge based information, or even strategies that have worked before. Original thought’s nature, action and outcome lies in spontaneity and is not rooted in the past.  Life is Intelligence and therefore a spontaneous response to the present moment. All virtue, being genuine, is sourced in spontaneity.  The Infinite Potential of Life is couched within our connection to It – through our belief and trust in this “space” within the mind of man.

It is the energetic, unformed possibility that moves through us like the wind of revelation, an ah ha moment or epiphany that we must learn to recognize, honor and trust.  Its nature is grounded in wisdom and consideration for the highest good of all.  It is not self-serving, nor is it definite.  Its opens at the top, inclusive of greater and greater measurements of success. It is experienced with feelings of excitement, non-attachment to outcome and a deep resonant familiarity that brings an unequivocal: “YES!”

As spontaneous as original thought is in its experience….it is revealed and sustained through a process of understanding how our mind works, along with our commitment and discipline to procure a true sense of inner power that works for the good of all.

This Good is sown in the belief of, “there is enough” and reaps prosperity and abundance, reflecting Nature’s natural state of Being.

Just as we have learned to trust the physical laws of this universe, so can we learn to trust spiritual laws, to live lives with more challenge and less struggle, more rewards and less compromise, a greater sense of meaning — less need of self aggrandizing and mental manipulation.

Original thinking brings to our experience a world of richness and rightness.  A New Bottom Line – setting us free… for humanity’s sake.  Let’s spend more time “in space”.