Remembrance Day: Be For Something and Against Nothing

by / Monday, 11 November 2013 / Published in articles

You and I work and live in two worlds. The first of which contains our circumstances, our material acquistions or lack there of and the impermance within the maturation of our own conscious evolution. This world operates within the principle of either/or, win/lose, sacrifice and suffering.

The second world is one of infinite unformed potential, where peace and plenty exist, where the word injustice, chaos and retribution are not a part of any language.
The battles we have fought within our own minds might indeed impact the lives of countless others.

This day is a time in which, despite our deadlines, mergers and quandries of how to position ourselves in business, we can bring ourselves back to the heart of peace. There is a promise inside the action of peace that simply doesn’t exist in the fight against anything. When we remember those that did fight, that felt their contribution worthy and noble by forcibly suppressing ‘the other’ for the betterment of a nation, how does this impact our leadership mindset?

Does the recognition of loss or sacrifice in your war, stir in us a feeling of justice, or does it reveal a deep desire to do things differently? Do we ask ourselves how is it possible to succeed in a competitive world and at the same time ensure that our leadership promotes the highest return on personal investment for all?

Remembrance day. An invitation to call forward our true capacity and relinquish the part we play in upholding a tired corporate myth that promotes divide and conquer – that in order to win, someone must lose.

Peace and justice for all already exists in the field of potential, does it exist in us?