Selfless Service

by / Sunday, 21 July 2013 / Published in articles

Have you ever held this thought?
“I think being of service in my community will give to me a depth of meaning to life that I feel is missing and I don’t know where to start looking for the right “fit.”

I have always felt that we need to begin with the idea that “service” is about giving, without any attachment to the outcome, from a place that feels joyfully content inside.  When we contemplate that idea, then the only choice left we have to make is twofold: What “cause” draws us in and how much time are we willing to spend in the gift of serving others highest and best.

A New World Leadership is inviting us to take responsibility for standing in our truth.  A call that promotes inclusion and projects the infinite potential of a new world if we work together for the highest good.

When it comes down to being of service in our day to day lives, we must somehow find a way to hold this larger vision for ourselves, in each small act of kindness.

The act of being of service innately gifts us on the path of self-examination by revealing to us the dynamics of sacrifice so we can make better choices, and not be imprisoned by the common call of: “SOS”… service or sacrifice.

I have come to understand that when I give of myself in service and have within me the need to make a difference, then I am given to act and react from an idea of who I want to believe I am.  In doing so I cease to be the natural, spontaneously giving person that I am, and consequently I     may fall into sacrificial behaviors.

Sacrifice in this case will be played out in an attempt to prove our worth, or to gain something in exchange for what we have sacrificed.

Our givingness, our kindness and love is a “fit” and welcomed anywhere on this planet. Make certain it comes at no cost to the giver or the receiver and the depth of life’s meaning will simply and naturally unfold from love’s embrace.