Inspiring, compelling and candid, Nadene’ s presentations tie the mind and heart together revealing a new self-conversation and the impetus to act intelligently, in an infinitely intelligent universe. Helping her audiences to recognize the power and presence of who they are, Nadene transforms a room through her versatility and intimately engages every individual in the revelation of their own potential.

Youth Keynotes

Addiction, Diversity, Leadership and Community Service

Corporate Keynotes

Spiritual Economics, Leaders in Change, and Original Thinking: Maximum Reward

Women's Groups Keynotes

Personal Integrative Living, Passion Living on Purpose and Sacred Selfishness

Arts Community Keynotes

Paying the Bills, I Am An Artist and so Much More

LGBT Community Keynots

Breaking Down the Wall, Authentic/Peaceful Living and Sexuality/Spirituality


Some Love From Our Clients

  • Nadene Rogers, a consummate professional who delivers words of wisdom choreographed straight from her heart, touching common values in this journey called life. When requiring a corporate speaker/presenter to deliver a message with customized value, I trust Nadene’ s innate knowingness to deliver!
    Mitzie Wasyliw, Co-Founder The Ranche at Fish Creek Restoration Society
  • Nadene hid nothing when she came to our school to participate in our Leadership Week, speaking on the Art and Act of Volunteerism. She blew me away! Overall this was the best presentation I have ever seen…and I would recommend it to anyone. This presentation was interesting, funny, easy to listen to and had well thought out points in it. What more could you ask for?
    Bryn Welter, Banded Peak School
  • Nadene Rogers has a unique gift as a speaker. She presents complex concepts in simple, easy to understand ways. Nadene speaks with wisdom and humour, keeping her audiences engaged, entertained and wanting more.
    Jenna Watkins, Leadership Coach - Major Oil Company