The Beauty of Imperfection

by / Sunday, 21 July 2013 / Published in articles

 I recently received an email from my good friend and colleague Marilyn. Marilyn is a dog lover who demonstrates her perfectionism (in part) through the many ‘First’ ribbons she and her Portuguese Water Dog  ‘Blizten’ have won over the past decade in free style. In fact they are Canadian champions!

The email was called: “Life and Longevity” and showed a progression of pictures of the lives of three dogs. The first of which was a cocker spaniel in the center of 2 malamute pups. You can visualize the growth of the pups in the photos, while the cocker in between them stayed the same size.

The message essentially said this:

Love one another, for time will make a difference ‘cause one day you’ll no longer be the big dog, just the old dog and it is nice to be surrounded by friends.

A simple idea to grasp, when thought of as a directive to ‘love one another’, but what about self-love and acceptance?

Could our lack of self-love and acceptance be born from and reinforced by this concept of imperfection?

The word ‘imperfection’ is so often used to describe our human behavior, our choices, leaving us with the sense of not being enough. Through self-judgment and sometimes shame we can develop an unmotivated feeling or (sometimes worse) a need to ‘spring into action’ without the quiet confidence found in a clear sense of purpose. This only serves to bring our old ways of thinking towards a new direction.  We are neither fulfilled, nor self-sustained in a manner that begets our joy in life.

As we come to understand that this Universe is spiritual in nature and operates on the principle of Oneness,  we can trust that a time will come when we, in choosing to affirm our connection with divine perfection, will delight in embracing and honoring every moment in our lives, as just that – divine perfection.

Each of us has played the hero, the villain, the loaf, the muse, the miser, the indulgent one – casting our deeper knowing of the potential of our human spirit on the waters of life. Sometimes with unmet expectations, other times in cheerful expectancy.  Beauty is found in deeply listening to our inner call which propels us beyond even our own imaginings of expressing and experiencing our own wholeness, the Creator’s image as us. We choose our experiences on some level and we choose how we think about them.

Therefore, whether our turnaround time to embrace the kernel of wholeness and perfection within all creation is negligible, negotiable or nearing the mark – we can choose to release the need to judge and label, to give thanks for the beauty found in imperfection.  Being that all paths lead to the One, perhaps we could just rest in the idea that we are whole, complete and perfect, just the way we are.