by / Monday, 21 April 2014 / Published in articles

Ahh…sweet control and its temporary feeling of power!

We can justify all choices (through greater or lesser eloquence in our verbiage) as we flip-flop between being the recipient of God’s discerning blessing and, our role as co-creator. There can be a feeling of freedom in both mindsets on the integration path of our divine humanity, but true power can only be had as we accept the mantle of responsibility for our lives as co-creators, unified in Principle.

Seriously? Then how is it that when I cast off all responsibility to make things happen, to control circumstance, to squeeze the life out of Plan B and play cool in the face of synchronistic happenings, things just seem to fall into play/place? Well, let me ask you: Can you find the seed thought/desire that existed prior to your falling into the zone of just ‘flowing with life,’ as reflected in experience of good fortune? If not, be certain there was one – for demonstration must be preceded by something that has gone before on the plane of Causation, with or without your awareness of it. And perhaps, just perhaps you are experiencing the combination of both the Law of Growth in action coupled with a part of your responsibility as a co-creator, which is to release all focus/attachment to the ‘how’ of the seed-thought’s unfoldment.

While either we are ignorant, not paying attention or mindfully moving through life, each of us is already blessed with the capacity to be free by loving life as it is – as the parts we recognise and feel comfortable with and the parts that call forward and deepen our capacity to move through fear with trust.

Receptivity, surrender and trust are equally as important to the feeling of Oneness and the activation of Its creative process, as are recognition, clarity of intention and responsibility.

We are constantly and consistently blessed by an All-Loving, All-Wise Spirit on the ‘rise’ within us. As we recognition this Truth, our need to control the finite is released and our hunger to conspire with the Infinite pulls us forward. It is here an accelerated feeling of freedom from taking dominion over our lives, is born. Ahh… the sweetness in trust.